From within your soul an inner strength

Practising yoga helps to coordinate the breath, mind and body and encourages balance, both internally and externally. It helps to promote feelings of relaxation and ease. Yoga offers students postures, movement and stretches which help to safely strengthen and flex the body. Yoga also works with breath awareness, relaxation and meditation. 

The Sanskrit word yoga means ‘union’.

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher and a member of The British Wheel of Yoga. I am passionate about teaching yoga in a safe, well-instructed manner and my classes are suitable for all abilities.

I have an assistant helping in both classes which ensures a suitable level of attention for all students. Claire McLellan, who is also a qualified Yoga Teacher assists on a Friday morning class and Steven Wheaton, who is training to be a BWY teacher, assists on Thursday evening class.

Yoga can be beneficial in many ways. People can experience a sense of well being and have better sleep and less anxiety. Regular practice also improves concentration as well as your posture, flexibility, core and peripheral strength. The functions of the lungs and cardiovascular system are enhanced too.

I also include health insights into the classes that I teach.

I teach 2 regular classes each week.

Please see below for details.

I am available to teach other private classes/workshops and one-to-one teaching.

Yoga Timetable

The investment will be £11.00 per class when paying for this block of 6 weeks. If you prefer to pay-as-you-go then the rate is £14.00 per class.

Thursday Evening Classes

Here are the dates and times for the current block of Thursday evening classes:

Crowborough Community Centre

Meeting Room 1 or Dance Studio

Thursday 27 February 2020 7.15pm 8.45pm
Thursday 05 March 2020 7.15pm 8.45pm
Thursday 12 March 2020 7.15pm 8.45pm
Thursday 19 March 2020 7.15pm 8.45pm
Thursday 26 March 2020 7.15pm 8.45pm
Thursday 02 April 2020 7.15pm 8.45pm

Friday Morning Classes

Here are the dates and times for the current block of Friday morning classes:

Crowborough Community Centre

Main Hall

Friday 28 February 2020 9.00am 10.30am
Friday 06 March 2020 9.00am 10.30am
Friday 13 March 2020 9.00am 10.30am
Friday 20 March 2020 9.00am 10.30am
Friday 27 March 2020 9.00am 10.30am
Friday 03 April 2020 9.00am 10.30am


Please download a booking form here and send the completed form together with a cheque for £66.00 payable to ‘Claire Amos’ and return it to Claire at your Yoga class. Bank details can be found on the attached form.

Alternatively, you can send these to Claire Amos, Glendale, Ghyll Road, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 1SU

What to wear

Loose fitting clothing including a few layers. I advise you not to eat for at least one hour before attending a class.