Chiropractic is a healing art based in science and philosophy. It works by relieving deep stress within your body and mind thus allowing you to function better. Chiropractic care optimises your body’s own natural healing ability, your innate inner healer.

Health is determined by our life history and lifestyle choices:

  • how we THINK
  • how we MOVE
  • how we BREATHE
  • what we EAT and DRINK

Chiropractic works on the alignment of the spine, cranium and whole skeletal system. This benefits your posture, the whole nervous system, and subsequently all your body’s vital organs. It is essential therefore that your nervous system, which is protected by your spine, is functioning really well.

Problems often can start with an untreated injury in childhood, sometimes as early as birth. A traumatic birth can have far-reaching consequences for a baby’s spine and their on-going well-being through to adulthood. I care for all ages including babies and mums to be.

I work not only on the alignment of your body, I am interested in your overall health too, as they are intrinsically linked.


Chiropractic Care

A healthy spine allows you to be and do your best by protecting the vital nervous system link between your brain and your body. Regular chiropractic care can help you get well and stay well.

Initial Consultation & Treatment


  • Intitial consultation and assessment followed by chiropractic care



  • Ongoing
    chiropractic care

What to expect on your visit?

During the initial consultation, I will find out more about you and your presenting condition (s). I will also take into account your health, lifestyle and medical history. 

Your care will be individual and appropriate to your age, health and presenting conditions.

The care you will receive involves light touch, soft tissue work, and adjustments. We will also create a plan of care which may include exercises, breathwork and lifestyle advice. This care plan will maximise the potential of your chiropractic care.