Yoga for Your Health

The practice of yoga will help you to coordinate your breathing, your mind, and your body. It will encourage natural balance, both internally and externally, and it helps to promote feelings of relaxation and ease.

Practising yoga is a great way to boost your health and wellbeing.

Yoga means union. It relates to uniting your mind, body and breath to work together, this can be thought of as whole body mindfulness.

Positive side effects of yoga include:

  • encouraging natural balance, both internally and externally
  • promoting a sense of relaxation and ease in body and mind
  • improved posture and body alignment
  • healthy organs

In my classes, I offer students a variety of postures, movement and stretches which help to safely strengthen and flex the body. We also work with breath awareness, relaxation and meditation. As you start to experience greater ease in your physical body, you are able to sit comfortably for longer, thus enabling you to delve more deeply into meditation and stillness of the mind.

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher and a member of The British Wheel of Yoga. I am passionate about teaching yoga in a safe, well-instructed manner and my classes are suitable for all abilities.

I have qualified yoga teachers assisting in both classes which ensures a suitable level of attention for all students providing a very safe and supported environment.


Friday 10th September - Sunday 12th September 2021

Yoga Classes

From September, I will be handing over the teaching reins to the wonderful Claire McLellan and Steven Wheaton.

I have loved teaching Yoga at Crowborough Community Centre and online to you all but moving forward I would like to commit and focus my energy on new projects in Sussex and down at my retreat in Devon. I will continue offering Chiropractic care in Crowborough.

Rest assured Claire and Steven will be continuing the existing classes, keeping the ethos familiar and continuing the journey of self discovery in our safe and fun classes in person and via zoom.

Thursday Evening Classes &
Friday Morning Classes

If you would like to join Claire's Yoga classes on Friday morning and/or Steven's Yoga classes on Thursday evening please contact them directly to book.

Steven (Thursday evening class):
Claire (Friday morning class):