Kind words and affirmations from the many people I help…

Claire has a very professional approach in all aspects of her work.  She always has a warm friendly disposition and makes you feel relaxed and at ease.  Having had many treatments for various ailments over the years I can affirm that Claire will treat you with care and leave you feeling better both physically and mentally.

Claire is also an excellent yoga teacher who will coach you through any difficulties and enable you to achieve things beyond your expectations.

Stewart Lomax

I have been with Claire for over 10 years. She has kept my spine and my joints in good working order.

I am 75 my horse is at home and I ride every day, walk miles, garden and do all the heavy jobs that go with horses, garden and fields as I live on my own and like to be independent and not ask for help. I had a bad accident 8 years ago doing long-term injury to my shoulder. Claire has enabled me with her treatment to do everything I want to do and my shoulder defies how I would be if I hadn’t gone down the chiropractic route.

Claire always listens and can spot what help I need even before starting my treatment. She recommended a three/four monthly MOT as that stops anything out of alignment becoming a nuisance and I can truthfully say what sound advice that was. On having a riding accident that meant my pelvis had moved she made sure I was seen immediately…..what service. I am so lucky to have been recommended by a friend to Claire all those years ago.

Deb Findlater

Having suffered for a number of years in the past with neck, shoulder and back pain and having spent a small fortune on visiting osteopath’s and physiotherapists, I was left disillusioned, still in pain and under the impression that this was something I would have to live with. 

That was until my daughter, who herself had just had a back problem, highly recommended that I make an appointment with Claire, who after a few intensive sessions had really helped her get back to full health. 

One year later and now pain-free I can say honestly say that Claire has done wonders for me!  She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly and I really like her holistic approach to life.  I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after only a couple of visits. 

Since then, I have followed Claire’s advice on my general well-being and look forward to my 3 monthly maintenance appointments. I now live life to the full, which is great with three small grandchildren to run around after!

Sandy Mcneil

I met Claire initially as a chiropractor and thanks to regular treatments my spine is now correctly aligned and pain-free. I found her to be gentle yet firm and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with skeletal problems.

I thoroughly enjoy her yoga lessons as her instructions are clear and well demonstrated and she is quick to help anyone having difficulties and keeps a very careful eye on the class as a whole.

Sue Nyeman

Claire is an outstanding yoga teacher. She’s really professional and is a font of information on how the human body works. This gives her a useful, holistic approach to her work and what she doesn’t know, you don’t need to know. Since I’ve started going to her classes, my mobility and range of movement have increased dramatically and so has my body tone. She knows how to make you work hard but

I always feel great afterwards with wonderfully stretched muscles but no soreness. Fabulous!

Joanna Mumford

I joined Claire’s yoga class when I was recovering from a severe surgical intervention. I had the ok from GP to do yoga. I experienced no pressure in Claire’s classes to keep up with others, she monitored me and enabled to evolve from strength to strength through the use of yoga. I recall not being able to do the ‘cow position’ through breathing into the pose and time I can now comfortably sit in the pose, which I use to groan about. I experienced Claire to be an excellent and passionate yoga teacher who runs interesting and varied classes.

Ruth Helliwell

I found Claire 15 years ago – and what a find!! I can’t sing her praises enough. I travel from Tonbridge to see her which can take up to an hour these days, but I wouldn’t change to anyone nearer as I know they wouldn’t come up to Claire’s standard. She has sorted my problems with such kindness and understanding that I have complete and utter faith in her. Just follow her advice and you won’t go wrong because she really cares.

Brenda Skinner

I have a lot of trust in Claire’s yoga teaching, because of her knowledge and enthusiasm. I’ve been coming along for about five years, and I enjoy realising that aspects of my yoga have improved and I’m becoming stronger and more flexible. I come out of the Friday morning classes feeling ready for anything!

Sibylla Woods

I am incredibly grateful to Claire for her confidence, talent as a chiropractor and positivity in sorting out my coccyx injury after falling down the stairs, which negated the need for major invasive surgery and reduced the consistent pain I was in.

Her yoga classes are a weekly tonic on many levels and I thoroughly recommend. I am so glad I met her!

Karen McClure

Claire is an exceptionally gifted chiropractor with unwavering dedication to, and compassion for, her clients. She is also an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive yoga teacher who gently encourages her pupils to challenge themselves with truly empowering and enriching results.

Jane Brown

I have been attending Claire’s yoga classes for several years now and can really feel the all-round benefits. Strength, stretching, flexibility, balance and breathing techniques are improving; focusing on mindfulness has helped me with relaxation and to take a holistic approach to mind and body.

I look forward to yoga practice and enjoy Claire’s physiological expertise and explanations. She adapts the class to all levels and is always clear with demonstrations and instructions. I now feel
confident to practice some yoga at home and Claire is always at hand to offer specific advice.

I would highly recommend attending her classes.

Mrs. Pears

I started Yoga last September and love the way Claire teachers.  With care and consideration, week by week, you are gently led into postures that I would have never considered feasible when I started.  It feels like a truly holistic workout with emphasis on deep breathing and inner calming, through achieving excellent positioning. Claire is hands on and really specific about what she teaches, the classes are clearly explained I can really feel the benefits weekly.

It was a difficult start for me with recurring Gout in my toes following the first few weeks of yoga but by working through the episodes the gout has receded and I feel my joint strength has improved. Claire’s understanding and firm focus has inspired me to make changes in my life and I can would recommend Yoga without hesitation!

Michael Hughes

Claire’s classes are always very professionally run. There is a feeling of confidence that she has a wealth of experience and therefore that you are in safe hands. During the classes you are stretched to achieve difficult exercises but never feel that you may be at risk, hence there is always a sense of achievement, satisfaction and contentment at the end of a session. 

I would highly recommend Claire no matter what level you feel you are at.

Jo Ince

Claire’s teaching/leading of Yoga exercises is both inspirational and challenging.  Her natural warm and understanding manner is a real encouragement to all who attend her classes and, in particular, those who are beginners/learners in the discipline.

Ian Ball

I am more than happy to recommend the services of Claire both as a chiropractor and yoga instructor.

For several years I suffered with back pain and attended regular osteopath treatments with limited success.  I came across Claire as a chiropractor and attended my first treatment in October 2009 and I’m extremely grateful to her – I only wish I’d met her much sooner.  Claire is always professional and friendly.  I continue to see Claire as a chiropractor for regular “maintenance” checks.

In the summer of 2010, Claire advised me she was starting yoga classes in September of that year and suggested I would find it beneficial.  I had considered yoga in the past but, regrettably, did nothing about it.  I began attending Claire’s yoga class in September 2010 and continue to do so.

Claire is very experienced in all aspects of her work, both as a chiropractor and yoga instructor, and I look forward to receiving the benefits of her knowledge for many more years.

Karen Duke

Claire has been my chiropractor now for several years and I can highly recommend her.  Claire is holistic and so treats the whole body – unlike some chiropractors who treat bits separately – as, after all, everything is connected.  Since I have been going to Claire I have not had any problems with my neck or lower back getting out of alignment and causing me acute pain, which used to frequently happen in the past.  Claire encouraged me to take up yoga, and take more responsibility for my own health, which is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have always found Claire’s yoga classes to be very safe, innovative and fun.  I never feel self-conscious and only compete with myself as I strive to improve.  I discovered yoga later in life and Claire has really taught me a lot. Yoga has strengthened my core, improved my posture, and, I believe, slowed down the progression of arthritis.

Claire is passionate about what she does, is mindful of everyone in her class, and doesn’t miss a thing!  Claire is a healer and good for the mind, body and soul, she is special.

Heather Randall

I arrived at Claire’s Chiropractice feeling sceptical to say the least, with a 3 year history of back pain and having been told by my GP that only prescription painkillers could help me. How wrong he was! Claire has been fantastic, both through Chiro and her yoga tuition which was also new to me, but attending weekly is the best thing I could have done (I eat humble pie).

Claire’s approach is holistic, knowledgeable and supportive and I would recommend the benefits of her Chiro and yoga practices to anybody who asked!

Emma Darrinton