Fasting – A Holistic Approach

Fasting - A Holistic Approach

Saturday 11th March 2023

On 11th of March, I will be doing a talk and workshop at Tranquillity Yoga called “Fasting – A Holistic Approach”.

In my talk, I will discuss the many benefits of Water Fasting and the scientific evidence to support this. I will also provide information on how to safely and effectively Fast, including tips on preparing for a Fast and what to expect during a Fast.

In addition to the talk, I will also be leading a Workshop on tools to support Fasting. I will discuss how to nourish your body whilst fasting, as well as tips on how to support your body during a Fast through proper hydration, supplementation, and exercise.

Overall, my talk and workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Water Fasting and the tools they need to support their Fasting journey.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Claire x

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