Walking Workshop with Yoga in Mind

Saturday 19th August at 10.00am
We will be exploring walking posture and finding an easeful way to maintain an upright gait without compression or tension in the spine. On arrival we shall be creating a connection to the ground, followed by a few openers for the legs, hips and a general light limber up. Whilst walking we will explore different valuable techniques of which you can take away with you and continue to practice in your daily lives. They’ll be the odd asanas (postures) along the way, maybe replicating Tree pose with your fellow trees!
Having a good and easeful posture gives us so much freedom to move and decreases pressure on the discs (e.g.: sitting in cars or sofas squash the spinal discs in the lumber, and leaning forward adds strain to the upper back, for example sitting at a desk typing with head forward (as I am doing now!). Let’s find out how we need to stand, walk and sit.
Our venue outside to be confirmed, but in rural Crowborough area followed by tea and snacks at a beautiful nearby cafe if you would like to come. Dogs permitted but only providing they are well behaved and can be OFF lead, (this is because I want you to walk without having a dog tugging at the lead) and are good with the sheep as there may be some around (TBC), otherwise please leave them at home.
Please let me know if you are interested in attending. Your investment in this is just £20 plus your tea/snacks/lunch at the cafe. If the weather is horrendous we may need to reschedule.
I will endeavour to finish back at the starting point at noon and then go on to the cafe for a chat and more questions that you may have. I look forward to hearing back from you, any questions too….
Claire McLellan

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